♡ The Perfect Skincare Routine ♡



*Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored, I just really love Bare Minerals skincare!*

When I was younger I didn’t really have a proper skincare routine, over the recent years I have learnt more about skincare and I feel like now I have created the perfect routine that suits my skin. It has taken time, testing different products and seeing what works best for me, but now my skin is the best it has ever been.

So in today’s post I thought I would share what I use and  give a few tips on how to create the perfect skincare routine for you!

Knowing your skin type

To find the products that work best for you, you need to know your skin type: dry, oily, combination (oily in some places and dry in others) or normal. You may also have blemishes or just get them at ‘that time’ of the month.


The first thing you need for your skincare routine is a good cleanser! Wether you wear makeup or not I always would recommend to cleanse your skin every day.
When looking at cleansers it can be scary as there are so many to choose from, but going to a beauty counter where there is a consultant to talk to is good because they can advise you what products will be best to use for your skin. I use 3 different cleansers but change depending on how my skin feels at the time! You don’t need to do this I just really love skincare! The one I use the most is ‘Pure plush’ by Bare Minerals. I use one or two pumps of this and rub straight onto my face without any water to start with then lightly add water, rub in some more and wash it off. Then I’ll do the same again to double cleanse.


I love to use a serum in my skincare routine, it targets any concerns I have with my skin. It hydrates, brightens and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth! There are different serums you can choose that target different concerns, anti ageing, ones designed for blemish prone skin, to brighten and wake up etc! You just need to choose the right one for you. I use ‘skin longevity’ by Bare Minerals (can you tell I love their skincare yet), this is designed for all skin types.


I do this once or twice a week, I wouldn’t recommend to do this every day as you can end up irritating your skin. You can buy exfoliating cleansers, I use exfoliating grains that add into my cleanser called ‘mix exfoliate smooth’ from Bare Minerals. I love this idea because you can add them into your cleanser!

Eye cream:

This is something I never used to use, but I have definitely noticed a difference since I started using one. My under eyes look brighter and not as dark as they used too. It is important to use an eye cream and not just put moisturiser under your eyes because eye creams are formulated specially for the thinner skin underneath your eyes.

I use the ‘skin longevity’ eye cream by bare minerals.


A common mistake people make is not moisturising because they have oily skin. You do still need to moisturise, there are just different moisturizers you can use for your skin type.

I use ‘Bare haven’ by bare minerals.

Face mask:

I usually apply a face mask once a week. I love having a pamper night, relaxing and having a face mask on! It always makes my skin feel so refreshed afterwards.

I wouldn’t say this step is a necessity but it’s just something I like to do!

My favourite is ‘dirty detox’ by bare minerals.

Those are all of the products I use, it has taken me a few years of trialling different products but now I am so happy with what I use and the condition of my skin.


Thankyou for reading! What are your favourite skincare products?

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